Termite Treatments & Eradication

Your Termite Treatment Will Last Up To 8 Years!

A termite treatment is critical once they have been detected in your home or building. The longer they remain untreated, the more damage they will cause to the interior or structural integrity of your home. Therefore, it imperative that you hire a licensed, experienced professional to ensure the termites will be treated properly.

We’re Qualified & Licensed Applicators

The application of termicide, such as Termidor, around your home will be conducted by a qualified & accredited professional.
We also have professional & public liability insurance.

Effective, Odourless Liquid Termicide

Perimeter treatments are designed to impede termite access to the home by creating a treated zone of soil around the house through which termites enter. Where there is concrete beside/underneath the house our technicians will drill through the concrete, making holes approximately 200mm apart and then injecting a liquid termicide under pressure (as shown in the image).

Once the chemical has been applied, injection holes are then filled with similar coloured concrete to leave the site looking as before. In other areas where there is soil against the external wall of the building we dig a trench down to the depth of the footings where this trench is them flooded with termiticide. This is then backfilled and flooded again so that all soil is treated.

Follow up Inspection

When a full treatment is conducted for live termite activity a follow up inspection is conducted 4-5 weeks after such treatment. This ensures that all activity has ceased, once this has been confirmed repairs can then be undertaken.

12 Month Free Service Warranty

Brisbane Termite Services offer an initial one year free service period on our perimeter treatments which can be
extended once your annual termite inspection is conducted.

It is important that any type of termite treatment is implemented by a licensed and experienced professional. Call us on 07 3802 030407 3802 0304 for a quote.