Termites are tricky little critters that will march their way into your Brisbane home unless you provide termite protection and conduct regular termite checks. Termites munch and crunch their way through your home, in the worst cases totally devouring the framework of your Brisbane abode within 6 to 12 months. Does this sound like scare tactics? Probably. The problem however is real and too often could have been prevented by regular termite checks and taking preventative measures to prevent termites devouring your home.

The Brisbane climate is especially conducive to subterranean termite activity. The equation is simple: more termites = more food required = more house destruction. Using protection and taking preventative measures to avert a termite invasion are imperative if you are to maintain the value and structure of your home.

When building a home in Brisbane it is compulsory to include termite protection measures in the build. What some owners fail to remember is that your warranty is dependant on a termite check being completed every 12 months. If you don’t do a termite check every 12 months the warranty becomes void. Even worse you then leave the door to your home wide open so to speak. Failing to provide termite protection can be a very costly oversight so it is a good idea to schedule regular termite checks so that it becomes an automatic process and your home remains protected.

Likewise when purchasing a new home, it is quite common for prospective buyers to arrange a building and pest inspection prior to purchasing a property in Brisbane. A thorough pest inspection will include a full termite check using the latest techniques. A superficial termite check is simply not adequate. It is unlikely a prospective buyer would buy a Brisbane home if termites were detected. Interestingly, not all purchasers take steps to ensure the home they buy remains protected. Buying a home in Brisbane is a sizeable investment so it makes sense to protect it. Termite protection methods can be put in place before you have a problem. Protection is better than a cure. At the very least have your home checked for termites every 12 months. If termites are known to be in your area, for example at a neighbours house, then termite protection is your best strategy. The professional team at Brisbane Termite Services will be able to advise you on the best type of termite protection after giving your home a full termite check.

Complacency can have catastrophic consequences. We urge you to take action and enlist our help to keep your home safe from termites forever.

Is Termite Pest Control Really Worth the Investment in Brisbane?