Browns Plains Termite Treatment Services – Termite Inspection and Barriers,
Termite Control, Termite Removals & Checks

Do you have problems with termites in Browns Plains?

Don’t panic! Brisbane Termite Services is a local company that can help to solve your problems. We have been servicing Browns Plains area for more than 15 years. As a local company, we offer very fast response time to any termite problem that may occur.

We live around your area, so we can attend to your property promptly no matter what the problem is. We provide the following services in your area, termite treatments & removal, termite inspections & checks, termite control, barriers & termite protection.

Brisbane Termite Services is so familiar with the environmental challenges that are in these areas, and understands the climate very well. Within some properties, and residences, the impact of termites is usually in some situations quite substantial. Termite attacks can be based in established yards or residences so it pays to get the experts to check or fix your problem.

Brisbane Termite Services specialises in termite inspections and eradication treatments.

Having the right, advanced tools available, we can perform a thorough, professional and accurate inspection. Our experience and knowledge to advise clients effectively is what we are known for. It is advisable to have the right termite inspection conducted to know if your property is attacked by termites.

With the use of our latest detection devices, we can easily and quickly find entry points and potentially damaged parts of your home. After we assess your property, we will give you written findings and recommendations as to how to proceed with the treatment and how we can avoid termites in the future.

Termite inspection is a crucial tool in determining the risk that your house may face. It is very important to inform the home owner of the available options to help the home owner decide and take the best action. The right steps should also be taken towards securing your home from future termite infestations. Termite inspections help to determine any major damage to your home’s structure. Australian Standards recommend 12 monthly inspections as a minimum requirement.

To help the home owners have peace of mind, it is best to have the property or residence inspected regularly. Based on experience, significant damage from termites depending on the species can happen in as little time as 3 months.

If you need help with termite problems in Browns Plains, contact Brisbane Termite Services.
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