5 Termite Infestation Warning Signs

Termites are not always easily detected.

It’s important that you know the common warning signs of a possible termite infestation and when it’s time to arrange a professional termite inspection by Brisbane Termite Services.

The amount of damage they can do depends on the species of the termite and the size of the colony that it belongs to. Some colonies can damage a home in as little as a few months, whereas others may take years.

If you have noticed one or more of the above signs in your home or building, make sure you contact us for a termite inspection as soon as possible. Catch the infestation soon enough and you can save your wallet a lot of unnecessary expense.

1. Damaged wood, timber that caves in easily or is hollow sounding when knocked.

This s a good indication that termites are in the area, especially if it has contact with the ground. Usually termites eat from the inside out. Keep an eye out for cracks or even splits in the wood work of your home. The cracks or splits can be near window sills, skirting boards, stairwells or around the corners of your ceilings.

2. Accumulating soil or piles of dirt near wood work.

Some types of termites have tiny exit routes from the wood for their droppings or waste.

3. Mud tubes.

Termites create highways or passage ways out of earth to get back and forth between their nest and their food source (which may unfortunately be your home).

4. Wings left behind.

A heavy infestation of winged species can result in large piles of shed wings that are usually shaped like a tear drop.

5. Hear soft noises in the walls or floors.

It is possible to hear a soft mulching from some species as they slowly carry on devouring your home or soft tapping as they communicate with each other by banging their heads on the side of their tunnels. When thousands of termites do this (usually to warn others about possible danger) it can be heard by the human ear.