A Simple System That Simply Works

Subterranean termites are by far the most destructive timber pest in the world, and are responsible for causing the greatest economic losses of timber in Australia. The CSIRO has calculated that 1 in every 5 homes is attacked by termites with an estimated costs to homeowners valued at over $200 million in Australia each year.

There are over 300 species of termite in Australia, or which about 15 are likely to cause damage of any economic significance.

Termite will often damage materials they cannot digest such as plastic, rubber, insulation or mortar. Primarily this damage occurs when the indigestible items are encountered in the termites’ search for food.

A reticulation system is a series of pipes that are installed around the perimeter of the dwelling, under concrete paving, concrete driveways and garden beds. Once laid, these pipes are injected with chemical which is slowly dispersed into the soil deterring termites. Once the system has been installed, charging of the existing line is easily conducted at the recommended intervals through the entry points established. This is without the need for any disturbance to existing landscape. The Term Stop reticulation system has Codemark Certification approval and complies to AS 3660.1 and 3660.2.

About Termstop
Termstop is an Australian owned company committed to manufacturing quality products for the construction industry. We develop, test and manufacture our products in Australia using quality local raw materials.

Reticulation systems have been used to protect buildings for many years, however some systems are difficult to handle and install. Termstop Reticulation is a precision drilled flexible hose which delivers a pesticide to create a treated zone around the buildings. The flexible hose means that installation can be done quickly and easily with a minimum number of fittings.

Easy Installation
Flexible hose means fewer fittings and quicker installation. Radial hole pattern means easier hose placement.

Low Pressure Charging
No need for pressure Charging. No need for special high performance pumps. Better soaking action into the soil

Complies to AS3360
Termstop Reticulation and Termite Shields are deemed to satisfy product under AS 3660

Convenient Kits
Termstop reticulation is supplied in convenient 80m full hose kits or 10m handy kits. Termite Shields come in 100mm, 80mm, 50mm, and 40mm.

Customer Value
Termstop Reticulation is ideal for new building work, it offers all the benefits of a chemical barrier with the simplicity of replenishing at any time in the future without destructive trenching. Termstop Reticulation is also ideal for use in post construction termite treatments. Simply lay the reticulation line while the trench is open and replenish the barrier as part of the ongoing management of the property.