Stretton Termite Treatment Services – Providing Termite Inspection,
Termite Control, Barriers, Removals & Checks

Do you have a problem with termites in Stretton? Brisbane Termite Services specialises in termite treatment and termite inspection in Stretton and the greater Brisbane area. We are located in Stretton which is on the southside of Brisbane and we are well located to service both Stretton and surrounding areas. We have been servicing Stretton and the wider area for more than 15 years now so we have a wealth of experience to assist you.

As a company based in Stretton, we can be onsite quickly to assess your termite problems. We address any termite problem within the area no matter how big or how small.

Brisbane Termite Services would be happy to visit your home and conduct termite checks in your home and yard to ensure that you are safe and free from termites.

In some residential areas and properties, damage caused by termites to homes can be very substantial, with infestation based in established residences and yards. In severe cases termite infestation can destroy entire homes so the sooner you act the better.

We only use the most advanced tools to perform an accurate, thorough and professional termite inspection. Thus, we can provide recommendations and solutions that thoroughly treat termite problems and are designed to last.

We provide our clients a very cost-effective approach to treat any termite problem. The method we use to treat your termites and protect against termites provides provides very good value for money. Termite inspection is crucial in evaluating the risk that your home may face. We provide all relevant information to the homeowner to ensure you are well appraised of the current situation and the available options. It is wise to take steps towards protecting your home from future infestations and that’s what we are very good at. We do both termite treatment and termite protection. Both are important steps to securing your home. Your home is a large investment and it is worth taking steps to protect it. Just like you would take out insurance on your home to protect your investment, we make sure you have the best possible protection against termite attack.

Below are the termite treatment services that we offer:

If you are in Stretton, and you need help on termite treatment, contact us now! Our local knowledge of the area and the type of termites that typically infest homes in Stretton and surrounding suburbs will be invaluable in addressing your problem.