Termites are every building owners worst nightmare. Apart from attacking wooden structures in and around your property, they can also affect it’s overall value and cause allergies.

Should you treat the termites yourself or hire a professional?

An infestation that can potentially cause irrevocable damages to your property. Termite treatment and removal must to be dispensed with by a professional who can do a thorough job. Unfortunately, many property owners resort to tackling the problem without adequate knowledge about a termite infestation. Discussed below are a few reasons why this is a bad idea.

Treat the source of the infestation

Treating the source of the infestation is very important to ensure a permanent solution rather than achieving a temporary relief from the pest. There are several different causes of an infestation. However, most DIY termite treatment kits do not suggest steps to identify these causes.

It’s quite important for a professional to complete a termite inspection to identify the entry point and location of the colony and to eliminate the infestation completely. It’s especially difficult to identify the source of the infestation without a professional exterminator’s help once the infestation is widespread.

Techniques involved in eliminating a termite infestation

There are three types of termites – subterranean, dry wood and damp wood. Eliminating an infestation of any of these types requires a different approach. Consequently, an expert’s help in identifying the species and finding an appropriate termite treatment technique has to be prioritised.

A DIY treatment kit does not offer specific solutions for any of these types of infestation. They use standard components to treat all infestations.

Other factors a professional would consider

Some of the other elements a professional would consider before treating an infestation include the materials used in the construction of your property, the type of soil around your property, the size of your house and its age.

Each of these considerations also specifies a certain approach towards treating the infestation. No matter how much time you spend researching it from hearsay and the Internet, your knowledge still cannot match up to that of an experienced professional.

One of the biggest factors to consider is that the Australian weather is varied across its landscape. Consequently, a treatment that was effective in one area is not likely to work its magic in another.

With a keen understanding of what works and what doesn’t in battling termites, Brisbane Termite Services brings you exclusive pest elimination services to protect your home against irrecoverable damages. Call us today with your needs, and our experts are sure to find a solution.

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