What To Do If You Discover Termites While Renting

While you’re renting a property you may hear something tapping in the night or accidentally go through your lounge room skirting boards whilst vacuuming, what do you do?

Contact your landlord

The first thing you should do is to contact your leasing agent & or landlord directly, because any extermination process needs to be approved and initiated by your owner. Furthermore, your landlord is responsible for any monetary costs involved with such a problem.

Ask for an inspection

Ask your landlord to contact a licensed termite inspector in your local area. You can always request your landlord to use Brisbane Termite Services if the property is within Brisbane.

The inspector will evaluate the house and examine the extent of termite damage. They will provide your landlord with an estimate of expenses required to treat the termite infested home. Based on the report, there will recommendations for further action for termite eradication & treatment. If the home has large wooden portions such as subfloors, timber floors or attics, the stability of the structure could be seriously compromised because of termites. An inspection report should unearth such damages. So, it is very important that you request to see a copy of the report.

Termite colonies grow rapidly

The damage could become more extensive by the time your landlord arranges inspection or the home inspector completes an inspection.

Find a good termite company

You are able to make the task easier for your landlord by helping him find a good exterminator. Check licenses of several different agencies along with their years in business.

Read reviews if available. Once you narrow down to a few best agencies, call each one personally and request details. Also request quotes so that you can choose a cost effective service.

Call Brisbane Termite Services if the property is in Brisbane

Brisbane Termite Services is an accredited exterminator agency & 13 years experience, competent in providing the best advice & the most successful course of action to take relevant to the buildings construction style & type.

It all begins with a comprehensive subterranean inspection on at a very affordable price. If you find termites in your rented home, please don’t panic contact your relevant leasing agent & or landlord, then call us on 07 3802 0304.

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