Total Termite Eradication in Brisbane

If you are reading about termite eradication or termite removal in Brisbane, then it is pretty likely you have discovered a termite problem. Perhaps you have noticed termites in the garden or termite trails near the base of your home. Even worse perhaps you have heard a strange munching and crunching sound in the wall cavity or roof of your home. If this is the case we really feel for you. Discovering a termite infestation is a scary thought, especially in the early stage of termite detection when you are trying to ascertain just how much damage has been done and what the likely repair cost will be. This is where you need a professional termite removal expert to come in and remove the termites for you. When a homeowner detects termites often this is only the tip of the termite nest. You will need a qualified and experienced termite removal expert to fully inspect your home from top to bottom to determine just how much damage has been done.

Once your termite eradication expert has assessed the extent of the termite problem, then it is time to get rid of them. Once termites are detected, the most effective form of removal is to use a termicide such as Termidor. The sooner the treatment is started the more effective the termite removal process will be. As well as treating the directly affected areas, your technician will treat the soil and the surrounding concrete area forming a continuous treated zone around the perimeter of your house. From there another check is performed in 4-5 weeks to ensure all activity has ceased.

From then on it is imperative you conduct regular termite checks to ensure you don’t end up with the same termite problem again.

The saying “once bitten, twice shy” is particularly apt. Once you have had termites bite into your home you definitely won’t want to go through the whole ordeal again. So once we have successfully removed your termites for you, please conduct regular checks to ensure your home remains a part of the Brisbane skyline for many years to come.