Termites live a very well organised life in colonies that maintain a rigid social structure.

Every colony has three classes: the workers, the soldiers and the reproductive. Together, they ensure survival and existence of their respective colonies. Each of these three classes has slightly different biological structure that makes them adept at their job.

The Worker Termites

Worker termites forage for food and stock it for the rainy days. They build and maintain nests, and take care of the brood. Workers feed soldier termites and help large queen termites to move. These termites might handle certain self defense functions.

Owing to the nature of their job, workers are the largest group in every termite colony. They are usually light coloured. Although workers have a soft body, they have evolved a hard mouth in order to collect and chew food before storing. The hard mouth also helps them groom other members of the colony, and to build and repair nests. Most of the damage caused by termites in human habitations is due to workers.

The Soldier Termites

Soldiers are the main defence system of termite colonies. They have a strong body and huge hard jaws that form the armour and help them fight ants, which are their main predators. Unfortunately, their body structure hampers their eating ability and hence, they depend on workers for feeding.

Soldiers secrete defensive fluids out of their heads. In fact, these termites have such large heads that they use them to block tunnels in the nest, thereby preventing and entry.

They arrange themselves in different formations so that if the first termite dies in the fight, the second in line immediately replaces it. Self sacrifice or suicide for defense is a major characteristic in soldier termites.

The Reproductive Structure

Every termite colony has a king and a queen, and their job is to reproduce. Workers and soldiers are both sterile groups. The royal couple mates for all its life. The queen lays millions of eggs in its lifetime of almost 45 years.

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