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Problems with termites in Calamvale!

Brisbane Termite Services has many customers in the Calamvale district and being a local company we can offer exceptional response to any termite concern that may arise.

If you have any concern that you might have termites in your yard or house we will come and attend to your concerns promptly. We can either rule out termites or if they are in your area we will find and eradicate them.

Brisbane Termite Services is fully aware of the environmental conditions that exist in the Calamvale area so we know the type of termites to look for when attending your property.

Our local knowledge and experience around Calamavale show us that there is many unprotected homes, in relation to termite protection in this area.

This suburb is at considerable risk of termite infestation because of the age of the buildings. Termites have had a chance to re-establish their communities after the initial development so we are finding more and more houses that have been affected by termites. Brisbane Termite Services understands the climate exceptionally well and with experience can offer well informed advice.

Brisbane Termite Services specialises in termite inspections and have eradication tools and treatments available to detect and control termites. We have the experience to perform all treatments ourselves.

Our experience can determine if your property has a problem with termites and using the latest detection devices, we can quickly locate entry points and potentially damaged areas of your home. After your properties assessment, we will provide written recommendations about how to proceed with treatment and future preventive techniques.

Our focus is to provide our clients with the best possible cost effective solutions

It is possible to take steps towards protecting your home from future infestations (depending on the species) substantial damage can occur in less than 3 months.

We use Termatrac to detect any termites in your home. Termatrac is the best non-intrusive termite inspection device available today. It consists of a remote thermal sensor, moisture sensor, and termite detection radar.

These three features help in the detection and tracking the presence of termites. This technology allows the inspections and treatments to be conducted more precisely therefore saving time and chemicals.

The thermal imager (Image Camera) is one of the tools we use whilst conducting a termite inspection. The fully radiometric infrared camera is ideal for detecting an array of issues. The existence of hot spots can indicate an active termite subnest behind the wall.