Termites can remain undetected for a long time and can cause considerable damage to your home quickly. An inspection and regular prevention treatment by Brisbane Termite Services always provides the best protection for your home but there are ways to prevent or minimise the chances of termites invading your house.

Limit moisture around your home. All sources of water (eg. hot water systems and air conditioner overflows) should be redirected away from the perimeter and foundation of the home. Water is a large attractant to white ants especially during summer and drought conditions when water is less accessible.

Plants and shrubs should be planted away from the edge of the foundation. Shrubs or plants should be trimmed back to allow at least a 300mm gap between the plants and your house as they grow.

It is preferable that mulch doesn’t touch the perimeter of the house as it provides the best hiding place for termites to crawl underneath.

All gutters and down pipes should be kept clean of debris.

All firewood and lumber kept outside of the house should be placed away from the foundation or underneath your home. The area surrounding the house should be kept clean and free of debris and stumps.

Decks and fences made out of wood, even if they are made of treated wood, should be checked periodically for damage that would indicate early signs of damage.

The wood siding of the house should not touch the soil as the foundation made out of concrete is a great way to protect the siding from termites and also the moisture that will damage the siding.

Maintenance is crucial on the outside of your home.

Remove refuse and debris from the external walls of the house. This may conceal the entry point of termites in your home.

Make sure you receive a termite inspection certificate when buying a new existing property.
Hire us to protect your home with chemical barriers for greater protection.

How Can Brisbane Termite Services Help?

Although these tips are great to prevent a termite infestation in your home, it is recommended that you call Brisbane Termites Services to conduct a thorough inspection of your house for any possible signs of termites at least once a year. They can provide you with expert treatment and protection advice and a written inspection report.

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