Regents Park Termite Treatment Services – Termite Inspection
and Barriers, Termite Control, Removals & Checks

Did you find termites in your yard? Or do you have problems with termites in the Regents Park area? Let Brisbane Termite Services help you. We are conveniently located nearby and we have been servicing the Regents Park area for the last 15 years.

We are a local company so we can respond right away to any termite concern that may arise in or around your home.

Any termite problem no matter how big or small, will be attended to promptly.

Brisbane termites are very familiar with the the type of termites found in Regents park.

The type of termite that inhabits this area can cause substantial damage to your home or surrounding buildings so its wise to get regular check ups of your home and surrounds

We specialise in termite treatment and we have the tools available to perform a complete, professional, and efficient inspection.

We provide our clients with the most cost effective approaches to fight any termite problem.

We suggest that a proper termite inspection is performed to determine if a property is infested with termites on a regular basis.

Since we are using the latest detection devices, we can quickly and easily locate entry points and potentially damaged areas of your house. After we asses your property, we will provide you written findings and recommendations regarding how to proceed with the treatment. We will also include future preventative techniques.

Inspections are a very important tool in ascertaining the risk that your house may face. As the home owner, you should be informed of the available options. It is very possible to take action towards protecting your house from future termite infestations. It also helps to determine if there are major damages to the structure if termites are found.

If you have termite problems in Regents Park, don’t hesitate to contact us.