Flying Alates | Flying Termites | Swarming Termites


The winged TERMITE or “alate” is the only reproductive termite, whose main priority is to mate and continue the colony.

They are the only termite with well-developed eyes and only venture into the world in Qld during the Spring and Autumn months.

Not having the capabilities to fly very well or far, they often take flight usually after a nice rain storm, with humid, still conditions mostly just on or after dusk.

The chances of a successful mating flight are increased with such conditions.

Considered to be the major event of the year, the sky becomes filled with hundreds of flying Alates, as they leave the nest in swarms.

Like most insects they are attracted to any light.

Once a successful mate and habitat is found the beginnings of a new colony can begin. The requirement of moisture is essential so that early excavations can be made usually in damp wood or soil.

Amazingly, about a third (or so) of the population that fly off this way each year don’t survive. Very, very few survive more than a few days after the flight.

Small bodies and wings are always prevalent everywhere on the ground the next morning.