Termite Inspection Devices We Use


Termatrac is the best non-intrusive termite inspection device available today.

Brisbane Termite Services uses Termatrac during all its inspections. We do not carry out any inspections without it.

It consists of a remote thermal sensor, moisture sensor, and termite detection radar. These three features help in the detection and tracking the presence of termites. This technology allows the inspections and treatments to be conducted more precisely therefore saving time and chemicals.

The Termatrac can detect the movement of termites, help in finding out the entry points and track the movement of termites.

This technology is a crucial instrument for termite inspections because it is non-invasive and gives accurate findings.

Thermal Imaging Camera

Thermal image camera accurately detects any termite activity that may be occurring behind walls or other areas which may have gone undetected during normal visual termite inspections. Thermal imaging detects differences in heat energy.

The camera creates images based on thermal energy and not light. This results in an image that looks like an x-ray with the cooler areas appearing different than the cooler areas.

Termites usually require a warm environment in order to function. Termite activity or nesting can therefore generate heat which the thermal image camera can detect. This is usually in form of subnests within roof cavities and walls.

Thermal imaging often reveals inactive termite nests due to the mud packing which appears cooler that the surrounding area. Thermal imaging can be used as an extra means of confirmation together with the Termatrac device.


This is another useful tool for ascertaining activity and damage within walls and cavities while minimizing disturbance to termites. It offers a simple and quick way of checking what is inside a wall.

The process consists of making a small hole into the wall after which the boroscope is placed to check for any possible activity and damage within the wall or surface.

A boroscope can reveal live termites as well as termite mudding in concealed areas.

This is a powerful device that can detect anything from 5mm to infinity. The boroscope is used to check only specific areas as termite galleries are mostly found a substantial distance from the wall.